What’s it going to be next?

With the fast paced technology obsessed world that we live, I ask ‘What’s it going to be next?’ When we saw the first iPhone, we thought things cant get much better than this, news, social media and music all at the touch of a button (or should I say screen!), downloadable apps and all on a phone with no buttons – amazing! That was until yes you’ve guessed it the iPhone 4, faster speeds, better picture quality, hd video and the rest. This in turn kick started the Smartphone techno war, with all the competition following their lead and who would have thought that Samsung would jump and run away with it.

And when you think this is as good as it gets what could they possibly come up with next! They do it! Apple are now launching their latest handset with fingerprint technology so Samsung have to take it one step further (of course!) they are launching, wait for it…. A smart watch called Galaxy Gear. This is no ordinary watch, this watch will let you make calls, send texts and email and store data thus making your phone redundant!!!


 I for one can’t get my head around this but I’m sure in years to come this will be totally normal and everyone will be walking around talking to their wrists and no one will bat an eyelid, that will be one sight worth seeing!

Bring RED Home with Simply Broadband Max


Want unlimited calls and texts and unlimited broadband all rolled into one neat package?

Sign up to our great value RED 30 Day SIM Only and Simply Broadband Max plan before August 31st 2013 and pay just €55 a month for 6 months. Enjoy the BEST of home broadband with the convenience of mobile on Vodafone, Ireland’s best network.

venn_diagram-  unlimited calls & texts

-  1GB data

- 30 day rolling contract

- up to 70Mbps download

unlimited download usage

24month contract


How it works

When signing up to the RED 30 Day SIM Only and Simply Broadband Max plans before the 31st of August 2013 the following discounts will be applied:

  • €10 discount on your RED 30 Day bill for the first 6 months, so you’ll pay only €30/month
  • €10 discount on your Simply Broadband Max bill, so you’ll pay only €25/month
  • A total of €55 per month for the first 6months

For more information pop instore your local Kelco Communications or contact our team on 1800 226 666.

Win Win Win With Kelco

rsz_new_image (1)Competition winner Aisling McMullan picking up her Samsung W1 MP3 Player in-store on Saturday. Well done Aisling and thanks for popping in.

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Get great speed at great value right on your doorstep


Get great speed at great value right to your doorstep with our new range of Vodafone at Home packages, including more calls, more data, boosting your speed to the maximum available in your area.

Sign up to any of our fixed line broadband packages before August 31st and get a free 7″ tablet computer when you present your first monthly bill.

Our broadband at home packages start from ONLY €27 per month with a fantastic offer on our RED 30 Day & Simply Broadband Max package including mobile and broadband for ONLY €55 per month.


Why choose Vodafone at Home?

Speed - get the fastest fibre broadband speed available in your area, up to 70Mbps

Reliability - get fast reliable broadband with with Vodafone’s new high tech modem to accompany the new Fibre technology.

Value - choose the right plan to suit you from our great range of packages.

Simplicity - Vodafone Fibre Broadband is easy to set up and use

If you are already a Vodafone customer you can enjoy even more from your package and Vodafone will contact you once Fibre broadband is available for you to switch.

Terms & conditions apply. Call instore or contact our team on 1800 226 666 for more information.

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini


Enjoy the smooth and powerful performance of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the compact slim design of the brand new Galaxy S4 Mini. Simply slip this perfect life companion in your pocket and take it with you anywhere. With a vivid 4.3-inch HD AMOLED display and powerful processor, enjoy premium performance and viewing experience.

440x330-samsung-galaxy-s3-mini-pr-front-back4G is coming to Vodafone. And when it does, you’ll be ready with your Samsung GALAXY S4 Mini. Experience amazingly fast uploads, lightning quick downloads, and live streaming without the wait.
Stay on top with services for health, travel and much more. Stay connected with family and friends, sharing photos, videos, documents, games, music and much more using Group Play without having to be connected to a WiFi hotspot or mobile.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is available in black onPay As You Go and Vodafone RED instore and online now.

Great RED 30 Day Sim Only Plan


HELLO SUMMER…Well have we got an offer for you! Get €10 off the RED 30 day Sim Only plan for the first 6 months. With this great value and flexible 30 day rolling contact  you can enjoy the worry-free benefits of Bill Pay without the longer contract.

Get endless calls and texts to any network and landline, plus 1GB data – all for ONLY €30 a month. Order a RED 30 day – SIM only plan today and save €10 for the first six months.

support-imgThis offer includes:

  • Unlimited calls and texts to any network
  • 1GB data
  • Rolling 30 day contract - no long-term commitment

 Discount is applied after you place your order and will appear on your monthly bill for the first six months of your plan.

T&C’s Apply. Call 1800 226 666 or ask instore for more details. Offer ends August 31st 2013.  

Deals Directly to your Smartphone with Award Winning Voucher Cloud App


Get great money saving deals directly to your Smartphone with must have Voucher Cloud app, available to download from www.vouchercloud.ie.

From your favourite shops to your favourite flicks, wining and dining to leisure and socialising get the best local deals on the move directly to your Smartphone through the award-winning Voucher Cloud mobile app, via online shopping codes or simply print vouchers and take them to participating outlets.

Turn on the app in any high street and it will use your phone’s GPS system to lead the way to the best local discounts and deals right around you.

Checkout www.vouchercloud.ie for more information and to download this must have app today. 

Do It Right…Choose RED Roaming

banner-business-hub-page (1)

Use your phone like you would at home for €3.99 a day

Get unbeatable value when you travel in Europe, with RED Roaming. Bring all your usual calls and texts on holiday, plus get 100MB of data a day.

Why choose RED Roaming?

  • Keep in touch with family & friends as much as you like
  • Stay social and update your status
  • Tweet all about your travels
  •  Catch up on all the latest news, sport or gossip from home
  • Discover what to do and where to go with all your favourite apps
  • Get off the beaten track with Google Maps
  • Know exactly what you’ll pay every day so you don’t run up a bill abroad

RED Roaming is available in following countries:

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland *, France, Germany, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Isle of Man *, Italy, Jersey *, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

* Postpaid only | *Price includes VAT

T & C’s apply. To find out more or to sign up today call our team on 1800 226 666 or call into your local Kelco Communications Store. We would be more than delighted to help you get set for your holidays this Summer!


Get the Car-Kit, Not the Points


Get 50 % OFF your PARROT Mini Smart Hands-Free Car-Kit right HERE for only €49.99 (RRP €99.99).

Keep your hands on the wheel at all times with the Parrot MiniKit Smart bluetooth hands-free car kit. Featuring a Smartphone holder simply attach it to the windshield or dashboard, enabling you full access to the navigation and Smartphone features.

With an integrated lithium-ion battery it supports a battery life of more than a week on stand-by and can be recharged with a 12V cigarette lighter and you can also recharge your Smartphone using the USB port.


This hands-free car kit is designed to adapt to most Smartphones, no matter what operating system they are running, Android, Symbian, Apple iOS, Blackberry OS. What is more the Bluetooth holder comes equipped with a voice synthesiser with caller ID.

Safe driving tips & mobile phone use in the car:

  • Never use a hand-held phone while driving
  • Never text or email while driving
  • Always pull over and park safely to take a call
  • Avoid taking or making stressful or emotional calls
  • Do not make calls while in traffic
  • Do not make calls on poor roads or in bad weather conditions
  • Tell all callers that you are driving and may have to end a call
  • If you need to use your phone to call for help or assistance, stop when safe to do so and park safely where you will not endanger other road users

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We’ve Found It…Introducing The HOLY GRAIL Series


Introducing the HOLY GRAIL® Series, the next generation of screen protectors, brought to you be Sir Lancelot’s Armour. Made from actual bullet proof glass this easy to use, 100% bubble free protector screen features a groundbreaking material that creates a no compromise solution for your phone.

HolyGrailiPhone5-1_grandeSo do it once and do it right with The Holy Grail® screen protector range designed to withstand the elements like no other. Available from €29.99 instore and online now http://bit.ly/12sOAIt. Also available for your iPad from €39.99.

• Made from one of the hardest materials available these glass protectors are nearly impossible to scratch
• Impact resistant, no matter the conditions
• 100% bubble-free
• Easy to install

Also be sure to avail of our great online offer, €5 OFF when you spend €20 or more. Enter promo code: 53526 at the checkout.