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Transform your home with Unlimited Broadband

From only

a month


All on a

12 month contract

Choose from one of our three unlimited broadband plans, and get great choice for all the family's browsing and streaming needs. All on a 12 month contract.



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Up to 100mbps

€40 €35 for the first 12 months

€50 after 12 months

Up to 500mbps

€40 €35 for the first 12 months

€60 after 12 months

Up to 1000mbps

€50 €45 for the first 12 months

€70 after 12 months

Adding unlimited anytime Irish landline calls to your choice of broadband is completely free for the duration of your 12-month contract. After 12 months, calls cost only €5 per month more than having broadband only. So you can talk to your heart's content.

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You can also add unlimited mobile and international calls for only €20 a month.

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With 84 top channels of must-see TV, and a host of great features as standard, Vodafone TV has all your favourite shows, sports and kids channels in one place. 

All TV customers enjoy:

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Entertainment extras

If you want to catch a blockbuster or never miss a goal in the Premier League, we have great additional channels for all lovers of edge-of-the-seat entertainment.

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Vodafone TV Channels add ons Sky Sports Sky Cinema
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Can't get fixed broadband?

Don't worry! Connect your home with our superfast 4G network.

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Our Broadband & TV wins awards

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Best Value Home Broadband & Best Broadband Provider

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Best Broadband

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Best Family Friendly TV Provider 2019