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Switch to Vodafone today and get even more data


Chat Extra

10GB of Data

Unlimited any network mobile and landline calls & texts


per month

Top up every 4 weeks

Smart Extra


per month

Unlimited Vodafone to Vodafone calls and texts

20GB of Data

Top up every 4 weeks



per month

30GB of Data

Unlimited any network mobile and landline calls & texts

Top up every 4 weeks


Prefer to talk to someone?

Request a call back or dial 1800 226 666


Vodafone X


per month

Unlimited Weekend calls

Unlimited Data

(max 10mbps)

Top up every 4 weeks


Save with RED Family

Follow your family's curiosity with unlimited data and great savings when you bring everyone’s mobile plans together on Vodafone’s multi-mobile RED Family plan.

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Why choose Vodafone?

Best Mobile Network in Ireland

Unlimited data means unlimited

Your choice of plans

Within RED Unlimited

Fantastic Days Rewards

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Vodafone top up offers work?

A top up offer means you pay a certain amount (dependent on what plan you chose) and for this price you will receive lots of great allowances that are included in the plan.
The lifecycle of a top up offer Example - Smart Extra:

  1. Opt into Smart Extra by texting SMART EXTRA to 50222. You'll receive a text message confirming that you're registered for the top up offer.
  2. After you receive your confirmation text, then top up by €20 in full in one go to activate your top up offer and avail of great allowances including data, text and voice allowances.
  3. The €20.00 will be taken from your balance, this will activate your data, text and voice allowances for you to use as you wish for 28 days .Your balance will be €0.00, unless you topped up by more than €20.00.
  4. Now you can start using your top up offer. Download the My Vodafone app where you can top up and track your usage.
Important Top Up Tips
  • If you top up in the middle of your top up cycle, i.e during your 28 days, your top up offer will reactivate and your allowances will reset.
  • Its simple if you want to add credit to your account in the middle of your top up cycle, just top up in increments of €5, €10 or €15.

How long is top up credit valid?

When you top up, you can make calls for 6 months and receive calls for 8 months. After 8 months your call credit will expire. Once you top up, all previous credit (even expired credit) becomes valid.

  • For example, if you go 6 months without topping up but have €5.00 credit left, you won't be able to make calls
  • But if you then top up by €10.00, all €15.00 of your credit will be available for making calls over the next 6 months

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