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Throwback: Nokia 2110/2110i


This was a tricky one as there was a Nokia 2110 and a Nokia 2110i.

Pictured here is in fact the 2110i which was released in 1995. The original 2110 was released in 1994.

Fun Facts:

The 2110 was the first phone to feature the famous “Nokia Tune” ringtone and believe it or not this was the smallest GSM phone on the market at the time.

It could hold up to 125 numbers in its memory and recall the last 10 numbers dialled, 10 received calls and the last 10 missed calls.


The 2110 and 2110i were Nokia’s “flagship” business phones from 1994 to 1997.

It is regarded as “probably the most significant mobile phone ever made.”

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