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How to: Get rid of FluBot Malware

What is FluBot Malware?

FluBot is a piece of Malware spread by SMS which is sent to appear as if comes from a delivery service such as DHL. The SMS contains a link with instructions on how to download an App needed to "manage the delivery".

What is the purpose of the Malware?

Once downloaded, the Malware within the App takes control of your phone and uses your contact list to send more SMS with the link. This sends huge volumes of SMS to international destinations charging your bill and collects personal data help on the phone including online banking details.

What to do if you accidentally download the Malware?

If you have accidentally clicked the link and downloaded the malware App DO NOT enter any passwords or login to any accounts. Perform a factory reset of your phone as soon as possible. (Unfortunately this will completely wipe your phone of all personal data but is currently the only way yo get rid of the Malware.)

When resetting the phone DO NOT restore the phone from any backups complete after the Malware was installed as these will also be infected.

If you logged into any accounts or apps using a password since downloading the malicious app, that account password should be changed.

If you used that same password for any other accounts, then they also need to be changed.

If you have been effected by the Malware you can report it to us by emailing


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