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How to: Activate "Simple Mode" on an Android Smartphone

This step by step guide will help enable "Simple Mode" on Android Smartphones for easy use of your new or existing Android Smartphone.

(The example below is for a Huawei Smartphone)

Android pull down menu

1. Go to Settings

Pull down the menu from the very top of the screen. You will find the settings icon or "cog" in the top right hand corner.

Click the settings icon.

Android system menu

2. Select System

In the settings menu scroll down to the bottom and select the tab titled "System".

Android simple mode

3. Select "Simple Mode"

Again scroll down to the bottom and select the "Simple Mode" tab.

enable simple mode button

4. Tap "Enable"

On the next screen, simply click the "Enable" button.

Android simple mode home screen

5. Wait

Give the phone a few seconds while it reconfigures into a Simpler User Interface.



whatsapp on android simple mode home screen

You can press on any App and drag to the desired place on the Home screen for easy access.

We used WhatsApp as an example as it is a popular communication App.

Tip: You can deactivate Simple Mode at any time by revisiting settings and selecting "Exit Simple Mode".

And that's it, a really quick and easy way to turn any Android Smartphone into a user friendly device for communication with loved ones.


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