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How to: Set up "My Vodafone" App

This quick and easy guide will talk you through step by step how to set up your "My Vodafone" App for the first time.

List of my Vodafone Ireland, my Vodafone Qatar and Vodafone Start Apps in Google Play store
My Vodafone App Options

1. Go to Google Play or Apple App Store

If you are an iPhone user go to the App Store, if you are an android user go to Google Play on your device.

Search for "My Vodafone Ireland".

My Vodafone Ireland App download page in Google Play
Install my Vodafone Ireland

2. Download the App

Select "My Vodafone Ireland" from the list and press "Install" to download.

My vodafone App red opening screen with white speechmark

3. Open the App

Once downloaded, open the App and you will be greeted by this screen.

It may take a few moments to load so be patient.

My Vodafone terms and conditions with I Agree at the bottom

4. Accept T&Cs

Upon opening the App for the first time you will be asked to agree to the Terms & Conditions set out by Vodafone.

Have a read before you hit "I Agree"

Allow My Vodafone to make and manage phone calls? App permissions

5. Allow Permissions

You will also be asked to "Allow" or "Deny" some permissions.

We recommend that you "Allow", as denying may limit the App's capabilities.

Sign up or login options my Vodafone app

6. Sign Up or Login

If you have previously registered for "My Vodafone" then press "Login" and enter your mobile number and password.

If this is your first time. Select "Sign Up" and follow the steps.

My Vodafone privacy policy update

7. Read Privacy Policy

After Login you may be prompted to read the "My Vodafone" Privacy Policy and we suggest you do so before pressing "Continue".

Take my Vodafone quick survey

8. Good to Go

You might be asked to complete a quick survey after login. You decide!

You are now ready to use your "My Vodafone" app to check your balance, top up, pay bills, change plans etc.

Tip: If you open the App on your 4G data you will be logged in automatically after your initial login.

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