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How To: Remove/Insert a SIM Card

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Got a new phone and don't know how to change your SIM Card? This quick "How To" guide should help you out.

IMPORTANT: Please power off your phone before attempting to remove the SIM card.

black phone, sim tray on bottom, highlighted blue for emphasis
Locate SIM Tray

1. Locate the SIM Tray

The SIM tray can be located in various places depending on the brand of your phone. It could be at the top, bottom or either side of the device. Look for a thin rectangular slot with a pin hole next to, or on it. Sometimes there are two slots, one for SIM card and one for an SD Card or memory card. Try both, the SIM card is the one with the notched corner.

black phone, sim tray removed, white nano sim card
Remove SIM tray

2. Remove SIM Tray

Once located, insert the SIM eject tool or pin into the pin hole (preferably use the pin that came with the phone). Gently push the tool into the phone until the tray pops out. Don't force it, it should only take a little bit of pressure.

Tip: Take notice of the way the tray comes out, it will help when you want to put it back in later!

Remove SIM

3. Remove SIM

Turn the tray over in the palm of your hand and the SIM card will fall out. If you're switching to a different SIM card, align the card's notched corner with the notched corner of the tray. This ensures you are putting it in correctly.

black mobile phone
Re Insert SIM Tray

4. Re Insert SIM Tray

Align the tray with the slot in your phone. Remember which way you took it out, face up or face down? Then push the SIM Tray in until it's secure and flush with your phone's edge.

And that's it. A quick and simple guide to removing and reinserting a SIM card in a phone who's back doesn't come off.


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