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What is IoT?

Updated: May 20, 2021

IoT stands for Internet of Things.

This term basically describes everyday objects that can be connected to the internet so they can communicate and interact with other devices and can be remotely monitored or even controlled.

Let’s put that in simpler terms with a quick example:

You’re travelling. You’re staying in a hostel and sharing a dorm with a number of people. You leave your luggage in the dorm even when you’re not there. It’s too big to fit in a locker, you’ve put a lock on it but how are you to know if someone tampers with it?

What if your bag could talk to you? What if it could tell you that it had been opened or that it was on the move? An IoT device like V-Bag allows your luggage to do just that – talk to you!

If your luggage is opened V-Bag sends an alert to your phone so you know if someone is tampering with it.

It sends you an alert if it starts moving so you know if it’s in the wrong hands and it provides you with a GSP location so you can track it down if it’s lost or stolen.

In short, IoT brings “things” to life and lets them communicate with you through the internet.

But IoT isn’t just for inanimate objects, it can be used to help loved ones communicate too. A big part of IoT is its ability to send automatic alerts when specific requirements are met, like the V-bag sends an alert when it detects light meaning the bag has been opened. What if IoT could be used to send alerts when someone is in danger?

The V-SOS Band worn around the wrist like a watch sends an automatic alert when it detects a fall.

Think of an elderly relative living alone. What if they fell outside in the garden or in the shower or even at the shops? What if they are unconscious or unable to move to get help. The band will send an SOS to your phone with the wearers GPS location so you know exactly where to find them even if they are outside their home.

These are just a few examples of the benefits IoT can provide. There are many different products with many different functions.

Check out Vodafone’s full range of exciting V by Vodafone IoT products in store today.

The future is exciting. Ready?



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